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    3kinetic is an innovative media company disrupting the advertising landscape through uniquely shoppable films, TV shows or other streaming video. 3kinetic creates high-quality cinematic content for brands – video content that captures and reinforces the deep emotional response brands desire to have with consumers.

    And through its patent-pending technology, those cinematic experiences are "Joos'd™," allowing viewers to interact and instantly purchase items from the video content.

    3kinetic is dedicated to connecting brands with consumers through transparent experiences that are mutually beneficial. Consumers are provided with more interesting, brand immersive content that they control. Brands reach targeted consumers and have real-time data on the return of their marketing dollar. It is simple, uncluttered and no ads go chasing you around the internet.

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    For Brands

    You need a new way to get the attention of today's consumers. You know the ones. They dislike being “sold,” and traditional advertising rarely even reaches them. Instead, they want to control the messages they receive – when and where they want them.

    The Joos’d® technology was developed to address those changing purchasing habits, particularly within the premium brand segment. Too often consumers are overwhelmed by the influx of data, delaying or interrupting the decision making process. The online shopping experience often devalues higher-priced goods when they are no longer being sold in an experiential in-store environment.

    Enter 3kinetic and Joos’d.

    Now imagine your target customer immersed in a cinematic short – a story that sweeps them into your brand experience. The emotional connection is strong and there is nothing standing between them and a purchase. Pause. Click. Instant gratification.

    There is instant gratification for you, too. You can see in real time who is looking and who is buying. You now have a streamlined way to measure return on your marketing investment.

    Here’s how the 3kinetic team works with brands:

    1. A 3kinetic team of experienced cinematographers, writers and producers will meet with your team to learn your brand and identify specific products you wish to highlight. You will also be introduced to your project manager who will be your day-to-day contact.
    2. The 3kinetic team will go to work concepting a cinematic short for your brand.
    3. Once the concept is approved, the team will write and storyboard the film.
    4. Script approved? Great! Now our team goes into pre-production, production and post-production mode. Of course, you are there with us every step of the way as Executive Producer. Once the final edit and musical score have been approved, our tech team takes over and works their behind-the-scenes magic, Joosing the products and getting it ready for streaming.
    5. Go ahead and stream away. Our tech team is on-call 24/7 if you ever need assistance.
    6. Review the analytics in real time.
    7. That’s a wrap.

    For Filmmakers

    At 3kinetic we love film, TV, animation, music videos, you name it. And we know you have a passion and a vision for your project. We also know it takes money to bring that vision to the screen.

    Now you can fund your project with product placement that won’t interfere with your artistic vision. We’re not talking traditional product placement with obvious logos that distract from the story. Joos’d products are seamlessly woven into the film. The viewer can watch your movie without ever pausing the video. But – if they love the leather jacket your leading man is wearing – they can pause and add it to their cart. Or they can review the products at the end of the movie during the credits.

    Now you have measurable ROI you can show your brand partners.

    Here’s how the 3kinetic team works with filmmakers and studios:

    1. Contract with 3kinetic during your pre-production planning. A Joos’d production team, including a technology specialist and a project manager, will work with your team to identify opportunities and suggest tricks-of-the-trade to enhance the success of the placements.
    2. Work with your regular product placement partners or with 3kinetic’s brand partners to help fund your movie.
    3. Film, edit and release your project.
    4. Now the Joos’d tech team takes over. Don’t worry. In no way will we affect your final product and vision. The edit is exactly as you released it. Our team does their behind-the-scenes magic and will get it ready for streaming.
    5. Go ahead and stream away. Our tech team is on-call 24/7 if you ever need assistance.
    6. Share the analytics with your brand partners.
    7. That’s it. There is no #7. Simple, right? We are all about making this easy for you so you can focus on your film.
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